Police violence against African-Americans – A Problem to explain without racism in the city of Minneapolis upon the death of an African-American, according to a police operation in New York and a Black from a white woman is defamed. The incidents that trigger outrage.Alan Cassidy from Washington0 comment pure Minneapolis to demonstrate against the police operation that led to the death of the African-American George Floyd.Photo: Reuters

In the United States are just two shots millions of times, split in two different cities were taken, one in Minneapolis, one in New York. At first glance, you don’t have much to do with each other, but in the core of light, twice the same Problem: police violence against African-Americans, which is to be explained without racism hardly.

The Video from the Minneapolis shows the deadly police operation against the 46-year-old African-American George Floyd. It was taken on Monday evening by a passer-by with the phone, and it’s hard to look at. You can see how a white police officer pushes the man on the street, he pressed him to his knees in the back of the Neck. Floyd says a few times “I can’t breathe” and gasps for air, he complains of pain in the stomach and in the neck. He also says: “Please don’t kill me.”

“Please kill me”

The police officer and his colleagues who stand by and remain unmoved, though several passers-by, you are increasingly in a panic, pointing out that the man has no air wars, and not repel. The official pushes him to the knee itself, then in the neck, as a few minutes later, a paramedic according to the pulse of the man affected. When the policeman finally let down by him, is Floyd’s body limp and lifeless, the paramedics carry him away on a stretcher.

All of this would be shocking enough. Disturbingly, the reaction of the police was but you sent first a message with the succinct Headline: “man dies after medical incident during a police operation.” The officials had the – less, unarmed man arrested on suspicion of a forgery offence, and noted that he was in a medical emergency. He died in the hospital. About the brutality of the officials against Floyd: not a word.

There is nothing

changes in the Meantime, the policeman and three of his colleagues who were present at the use, were laid off. It was the right decision, tweeted the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey. “It should not be a death sentence to be in America is a Black man.” The FBI has launched an investigation.

thousands of people gathered on Tuesday in Minneapolis to protest against the killing of Floyd’s. Some protesters carried posters with whom you reminded of past victims of police brutality: Eric Garner, who was choked to death in 2014 in the chokehold of a police officer in New York, or Michael Brown, who was shot in the same year, in the city of Ferguson. These events then caused a fierce debate, which led many police procured authorities for their officers body cameras.

has Changed a lot, however, is not: Between 2013 and 2019, died in the year 1100 people due to police violence. Very many of these victims are Black. According to a study by the Rutgers University American men heard police violence among young African-one of the most common causes of death.

The threat of a White

You have to assume that all of this was also Amy Cooper aware of it. The 41-year-old white woman is seen in the second Video, which has caused great indignation. Cooper was asked on Monday by a black bird-watchers in New York’s Central Park to observe the Park rules and your dog be on a leash. The bird watchers, filmed their reaction: The woman threatened that she was going to call the police and say that an “African American man” who was threatening her life. This she did, in obviously feigned panic.

The use of police officers ‘ remained without consequences. However, many African-Americans see in the Episode only too well. There is a long history of white women, the black men accused falsely of a crime and, therefore, of great suffering ensued, said the sociologist, Katheryn Russell-Brown is the “New York Times”.

In the case of Amy Cooper and her behavior was to herself. The investment company, when she was hired, she fired after the Video was made public: You won’t stand for any racism.

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