“do you Know this man?” the police in Blackpool asked with a photo on Facebook and received hundreds of thousands of comments. The image shows a Suspect wanted for questioning, the officials due to a theft in a Restaurant. The Shown carrying a pallet of beer in a supermarket, has a striking Resemblance to American actor David Schwimmer, better known as Ross Geller from the series “Friends”.

The entry in the hit like a bomb: Until late Wednesday morning, 21 hours after publication, was used to divide the image almost 68.000 Times and 103,000 Times commented. In the comments, people with “Friends compete”references. “Leave him alone, he grew up with Monica. Who ate fast, ate nothing at all,” jokes Louise. l.

Other rhymes of the “Friends”title song: “So noone tould you life was gonna be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA it’s like you’re always stuck in second gear, and before you know it you’re saving stealing some beeeeeer”, freely translated: “no one has told you that life would run. Your Job’s a joke, you’re broke … and before you know it, you steal in a supermarket beer.“

“In the interview, he could not remember anything, his memory was LeBlanc,” said another commentator on the float Co-Star Matt LeBlanc. “I just saw him in the Zoo of Blackpool with a monkey on his shoulder,” wrote another in reference to the float series pet monkey Marcel.

“careful – he can Unagi”

Even the Scottish police intervened in the discussion. Police officers from Dumfries and Galloway have warned against the Suspect: “Please approach with caution. He is known for his karate skills, and we believe he has mastered the art of Unagi, of total knowledge.“

The police thanked the many commentators for their quick response. Investigations had revealed that David Schwimmer was on said date in the United States. “We’re sorry it had to be this way”, to rhyme on the title of the Song.

A user is not reminded of the fun – makers to the fact that behind the photo of a real Person-of course, without even a quote from the series. “I don’t think that was the day this guy or his week, his month, or even year …”, wrote Nick C.

The police found the Suspect yet, by the way.