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The Government has unveiled in the early hours of the morning that the vice president for economic, Nadia Calviño, will be one of the candidates to preside over the Eurogroup , a very relevant within the organizational chart european, even more so in the circumstances in which the Spanish economy and the european. In the afternoon of today, the european body will reveal a list of candidates who will contest for the position at the meeting scheduled for 9 July. The Government had until five in the afternoon today to decide if Cañviño seeking the presidency of the Eurogroup after the departure of the Portuguese Mario Rye.

The reasons why the Government has prolonged this suspense have been interpreted in several ways, but all agree on the fact that it is a decision that will strengthen significantly the positions of the minister in front of the second vice-president, Pablo Iglesias, who holds positions in economic policy entirely opposite to those of Calviño. The open confrontation by the covenant with Bildu for the complete repeal of the labor reform has been only one of many episodes in which both of you have advocated ideas and decisions incompatible, without which the president of the Government has stepped in to clarify which of the two directions is the of the executive.

Churches publicly stated that it was committed to fulfilling the commitment to abrogate the labor reform, but Calviño has resisted until now to accept changes in this legislation and know what is required by the Commission is precisely deepen these reforms tend to be flexible in the labour market in the image of other countries.

sources from the Ministry of Economy was doubted even yesterday that the opinion of the vice president Churches on the Eurogroup “if you have it, worth to something” when deciding on the candidacy of Calviño. In any case, have not been given explanations about the delay in confirming the application of Calviño, which has encouraged speculations about disagreements within the coalition Government.

For Sanchez, the candidacy of Calviño represents at the same time you should not submit to the minister of Foreign Affairs, Arantxa González Laya to the directorate-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the representative of the European Union, as he had announced that he intended to do. In addition, the fact that the Spanish minister of Economy should chair the discussions of the Eurogroup means that you will not have any pretext to apply in his country the doctrines that apply in Brussels, including reforms to modernize the economy going in the opposite direction to the programme that it advocates, we Can, the vice-president social and his wife, the minister of Equality.

in Addition, while occupying that position, european, the minister is virtually guaranteed a shield in Madrid , since that one is linked to the other. If Sanchez would like to terminate it by, you should do so knowing that he would lose the presidency of the Eurogroup.