Lio, whose real name is Vanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos, was born on June 17, 1962 in Mangualde, Portugal. The star had his first big success in 1980 with his title Banana Split. This is followed by successful hits such as The brunettes don’t count for plums or Fallait pas commence.

From the 80s, the star also starred in many films and television series including Elsa, Elsa, Un poison violent or Le Sang de la vigne, in 2015. Since 2007, Lio has participated in the “RFM Party 80” tour which brings together all the stars of the 80s. After her tours, the singer leaves to settle in Belgium where she becomes a jury for the Belgian edition of The Voice. On March 27, 2018, she released a new album entitled Lio canta Caymmi where she performed twelve songs in French and Portuguese.