Maybe you plan to buy yourself a new car before you go on vacation. Even if it is sometimes difficult to set a budget and at the same time to respect it, over the course of the negotiations, we finally know the exact price, to the nearest penny. However, we are very little interested in the cost of our car when we talk about consumption per kilometer.

The Arval Mobility Observatory provides some data related to the evolution of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the company’s fleets. These statistics contain the cost of owning a vehicle according to its initial price, fuel expenses, but also its resale value, taxation or maintenance costs.

As in most French spending sectors, the automobile sector is far from being spared. “Never since the creation of the TCO Scope have vehicle usage costs been so high. Never have usage costs been so closely linked to macroeconomic factors (rise in catalog prices, fuel prices). Factors that largely escape decision-makers, who can only observe the situation”, commented Régis Masera, director of the Arval Mobility Observatory. He also adds that the advent of electrification does nothing to curb the rise in energy costs.

Instead, find out what are the most interesting engines for a lower cost per kilometer, according to our colleagues at Capital.