representatives of the American automotive industry on Friday when President Trumps trade Robert Lighthizer officer made vehemently for a trade agreement with the EU. They demanded a reversal in the customs policy pursued by Trump. “A trade agreement would be a unique opportunity to eliminate barriers,” said Jennifer Thomas of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents twelve large manufacturers, including the American offshoot of German brands such as BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler.

explained to The industry representatives, which has already imposed punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum, harm the American auto industry. The purchase prices for steel in the United States were partly increased by 30 percent. Additional duties on cars would have to be avoided at all costs. A justification for a threat to National security through the transatlantic car trade. The lobbyists also made the importance of a harmonisation of the technical regulation of the cars. The adjustment may devour millions of dollars a year, said Charles Uthus of the American Automotive Policy Council.

“Due to our war with you”

Trump had the EU States and many other countries in the world, with import duties on steel and the aluminum products used. Now duties on car and threaten imports to America in the amount of 25 percent. Among other things, the German car maker will try to fight back, however, and Trump have offered in return for investment in the United States.