In the money laundering scandal at the Danske Bank in Estonia, the first arrests. Ten former employees of the largest Danish Bank to be in custody, informed the Estonian Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. The Estonian branch plays a key role in the money laundering scandal: more Than 200 billion euros will be invested in suspect funds. The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the former employees, to have knowingly suspicious funds transfers.

Danske announced in September after an internal investigation, you have to wash the Estonian monetary intelligence unit (FIU) to 42 employees, and agents in Estonia, which had been involved in suspicious activities. Eight former employees had been displayed. A Danske spokesman could not say on Wednesday whether the ten arrested are one of these people.

In the money laundering scandal at the Danske Bank is also entangled, the German Bank, which should be handled as so-called correspondent banking, a large part of the suspicious payments. The Frankfurt money house has dealt with that for the Verification of the customer, Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank was in charge.