The Russian efforts to influence on the Internet of American policy should not have ended after the presidential election in 2016. A goal of the campaign was the discrediting of the work of the special investigator Robert Mueller to find out on behalf of the Ministry of justice as to whether the campaign team of then-Republican candidate Donald Trump, the Russian government has voted for it.

according to a report, the intelligence Committee of the Senate in the order had been given, have not used the Russian trolls only Facebook and Twitter for their work, but also Google Plus, or Pokemon Go. The report was prepared by the fight against online propaganda specialized companies, New Knowledge, and now from the “Washington Post” made public. As the newspaper reported, wrote the Russian trolls on the platforms, inter alia, that Mueller was corrupt, and the reports of Russian influence, fantasies without any reality content. Particularly powerful was the accusation that Mueller had previously worked with “radical Islamic groups”.

allegations “absolutely incomprehensible”?

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman of Russian President Vladimir Putin, dismissed the report’s accusations. The allegations are “absolutely incomprehensible”, said Peskov. “The Russian government has nothing to do with any of these disorders, especially with those that are described in the report.”