Sint-Niklaas / Temse

The court Tuesday afternoon for a reconstruction of the murder of Barbara Ongena, is the woman who, in June, her ex has been murdered. The man wanted in her death, a fire, a cover-up. The reconstruction work was done on the two sites.

Well, at the place of residence of the killer, Dennis P., the Doornstraat in Temse and in the studio, the victim of the Old Ran, it was a reconstruction was held. Dennis, P., himself, was only present in one of the Doornstraat. St. Nicholas was the basis of his prior statements about the murder of a state and the police are working on.

Barbara and Ongena, it was in June, was found dead in the bedroom of her apartment in the Old Ran. The wife and mother of two boys, 8 and 6, showed any traces of strangulation. In the room by the killer, and a mattress on fire in an attempt to bring the traces of the crime are yet to be clear. Her ex-husband, Dennis, P., from the town of Temse, and with whom they are in a vechtscheiding was involved, it was on the same night, was arrested and held on suspicion of murder. He was, by the neighbours, as seen when he, shortly before the discovery of fire to the apartment of his ex, and left.