This is a must have for Anderlecht. Purple and white tomorrow in the cup, is not off grid at 1B club Beerschot. After 5, 24, is no Kompany, but the T1 is Simon Davies becoming more and more required. “I fear for my job? Common question by our results, but we have to work to be concentrated on.

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No one can think of the Anderlecht tomorrow, will be eliminated by Beerschot, which is also not doing well. It would be a catastrophe for the Belgian Cup for the RSCA is an important goal. Now that it’s so square, it runs in the league. “The Teams that are in European play, bonding may not be as important as the cup, but the cup is very important,” says Simon Davies. “We have to pull it tomorrow on a full charge at Beerschot.”

it’s quite fast-moving. The Keel, which is sold out, please wait in Anderlecht, a very warm welcome. The question is whether or not the youngsters, this will be opkunnen or, even more stress is going to get it. “That’s part of it. If the young players on the Anderlecht like to play soccer, they should, with such an atmosphere, in order to be able to, because otherwise, they’re not supposed to be here. Bekerduels is always special, but we are confident that it will work out.” Our players should go to for this kind of games require. Though we respect Beerschot, of course. It’s not because they’re in the champions league to play this match, otherwise they will approach you.”

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at Anderlecht, might have to look to move away from the grandeur of the 5-to 24, and the snertmatch in Bruges, will play for the title. At the Club, had it’s 7-1, can be. “The match will be in Bruges, was a big disappointment. There, we played for the first time, not as Anderlecht were supposed to be playing football, but in all the other games, we were pretty happy with the game and the chances we created. Therefore, I believe in the project. If we are to achieve a better balance between youth and experience and we can compete with any team in Belgium. Now, the Kompany, and Roofe’s back. Also, Nasri and Chadli will be better. Of course, it will take time, but we are growing. I also want to have Killian Sardella, as an example. That had to hurt, at Bruges, and I had a very difficult game, but it was also a good learning process. It can be no victims, after one of the difficult party.”

now, The question is whether or not Simon Davies will not be the victim, or the child of your account, you will be Anderlecht tomorrow, lose at Beerschot? “I fear for my job? This is a common question, and is in the business of football, its results that are important, but they should not be on me. There are no excuses. The results were disappointing, but we have to hide ourselves behind our a young age, or injury. It has to be better, but all the players believe that we can do a good job, and Vincent Kompany is working every minute of every day, in order for the club to bring them back to where they belong. We will work with them as a staff. Believe me, we will soon be at a good level.”

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