An elephant is a Saturday in a runaway at an annual street festival in the Sri Lankan capital is Sri Jayewardenapura Kotte. The animal was withdrawn, for unknown reasons, his group, and vertrappelde some of the by-standers. At least seventeen people were killed or wounded. They were taken to the nearest hospitals will be charged.

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Bikinimodel hoping for great photos with the elephants, but they have something else in mind: “What are you doing?!”

And all of a sudden, you have access to the work is disrupted by the… of a sleeping elephant in the middle of the road

Angry elephant has all of a sudden, on the strait of tourists in all-terrain vehicle wanted to:

More about that by any chance? Impressive, the jaguar remains the long hours in the tree, to slow, to surprise them with a lethal attack, How is this possible? Truck crashes into power pole… and it is, in part, on the roof of a house the Police are looking for a woman that is a cat in the ditch, throwing Driver shocked when he’s naked jogger by the city of Hasselt moment