scuba Divers have a Friday afternoon, a dead body is pulled from the Whole in Wilsele, near louvain (Leuven). This is attested to in the fire in Leuven, belgium. The procedure for a suspicious death was initiated.

The city fire department had, for a moment, 13.45 hrs, a phone call, after passers-by with a jacket and didn’t even notice the Whole in addition to the Lijnloperspad in the municipality of Wilsele. The Father is quite narrow and the path is exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians. Divers from the fire department got a little later, at the height of the German Bridge, and a dead body.

It is not yet clear whether or not the accident or malicious intent is involved. Therefore, the procedure for a suspicious death started. The police department of Leuven, belgium, who arrived on the scene, the investigation to the public prosecutor’s office. According to the preliminary findings of the law doctor, there are no outward signs of violence. On Monday, following an autopsy.

It is not yet known whether the victim is a man or a woman.