The country of the parents Advisory Committee is commitment-oriented Islamic religious education “extremely important,” says Korhan Ekinci, the Chairman of the Hessian of the parents representation. With a neutral “study of religion” would not succeed, all the Muslim students and their families. For the parents of the Federal state of Hesse, a merger of reform-oriented parents, could religious instruction be issued without any denominational ties. “In school you have to learn something about Religion, but not to pray,” says the Chairman, Klaus Wilmes-Groebel.

Marie Lisa Kehler

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Matthias Trautsch

sheet-makers in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

in 2013 in the state of Hesse confession-oriented religious education for Muslim students. About 3100 children from first to sixth class are taught in 68 schools. The country cooperates with the religious communities, Ditib and Ahmadiyya. You must agree to in order for the teachers who have completed the religious education training at the University of Gießen, get a teaching license. In addition, the associations are involved in the preparation of teaching plans, such as the Catholic and Evangelical Church for the subject of the Christian Religion.

According to the Ministry of education of the children to get to know in the profession-oriented teaching, the “Tradition and values of their Religion.” To help you in a “pluralistic diversity of possible lifestyles to understand and develop their own identity, religious orientation and ethical judgment includes”. The Problem is in the commitment-oriented Islam-teaching is that it is on the side of the Muslims, not churches and therefore not natural partners.

confidence overshadowed Ditib?

the question is now, whether the trust, which in 2013 consisted of Ditib, is still justified. From the practical cooperation and from the lessons, no difficulties are known, but due to the political developments in Turkey and the crisis in the German-Turkish relationship doubts as to the mosque Association. Ditib is regarded by critics as the “extended Arm” of the Turkish religious authority Diyanet.

in Order to check whether or not it applies only to the Cologne Ditib Headquarters, but also for the Hessian land Association and have an impact on the teaching of religion has sought the state government about a year ago, an opinion. The came to the conclusion that, while there was no evidence of political interference in or the lessons, however, “the Statute in accordance with the institutional connection” between the state Association, Federation and Diyanet.

the beginning of this year, the Ministry of culture invited the Hessian Ditib, the end of the year the independence of Cologne and Ankara to prove. Among other things, a Member of the group to lead and “adequately professional management structures”. Probably the most important point was only mentioned as a recommendation: the position of the “institutional independence”.