“it is Not only just a quick email to check in with the smartphone, it is very dangerous behind the wheel, but moving, singing, and dancing to the loud music, the partner, a kiss, a coffee, a drink, or laughing at the kids.” That said mobiliteitsorganisatie Takes on in a campaign as a call to more closely to be behind the wheel. “Up to 25 per cent of the accidents are caused due to any kind of change.”

The campaign, with the slogan, “it only takes two seconds,” is made up of several different short films, and will be launched on the occasion of Mobility Week, which will range from 16 to 22 september. “Research has shown that drivers between 25 and 30 per cent of their time, and have been derived from the traffic,” said Danny Smagghe, a spokesperson of the Trip. “And this isn’t just about smartphonegebruik, as well as other forms of distraction, such as dancing, music, lipstick, and ideas, just talking and laughing with the kids in the back seat, reaching for an object, eating or drinking, no loud music, or play a quick selfie to make. For many, it sounds like most of that list is innocent, but it isn’t. All of these actions slow down your reaction time, make you slower, make your mistake of the box, to change…”

The campaign consists of several short films under the slogan of “it only takes two seconds to” Photos: Touring

According to the Smagghe experience a lot of people are eating, dancing, or smiling at the baby as it is dangerous because there are no penalties to be given. “Distractions behind the wheel, it is simply difficult to establish by the legislature. The law says that it is not allowed to make phone calls while driving, and other drivers in danger should be, but there is also a list of what not to do behind the wheel. Where, we understand, you can’t enumerate all of the relevant legislation. It is largely up to the users to be aware of that any distraction, they could get hurt with. Time for common sense, so to say. All are arguing, we are looking for the all to pay attention to the major implications of the slightest change.”

Checks in on smartphonen’

you can Also Verkeersinstituut Vias, the former NATO, have stressed the dangers of overconfidence. “This is also the operation of music equipment, look at the billboards along the side of the road and the driving, set your gps means there is a risk”, says it right there. Themselves, they are also voorstaander a campaign to this end. “Awareness campaigns are not just awareness of the dangers of distractions behind the wheel, but they can also be a social norm, creating a distracting activity, while driving is unacceptable here.”

the Tour is calling to the end with the police in order to narrow your search to those who smartphonen at the rear of the steering wheel. “According to a recent study by the Flemish Foundation for Traffic knowledge suggests that 48 per cent of the board members agree to a text, or reading email while on the move. This means that the chance of an accident 23 times higher. Last year, 98.638 fines are issued to people who have been caught. That is, a 10 per cent lower than in the previous years, and therefore we think too little. There should be more checks to come in.”

for More about Touring and Why Tour drivers to warn for something as innocuous as singing in the car, at Night, in the car, leave it on the road? That’s not a good idea to have A warning-ignore at your car, it can get expensive to get, Is it really necessary to have a ecovignet to buy them if you go to France or Germany to travel?