David Pujadas: this day when the journalist presented his JT with a wig


It is a sequence that may have gone unnoticed by viewers of the France 2 television news. However, one day in 2008, the respectable journalist David Pujadas presented his newscast with… a wig. This is what he revealed to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on the television set of C to you in 2018.

“Honestly, this wig was very similar! This is where we realize that the craftsmen work miracles”, he declared and clarified: “It’s not a joke, it’s the truth unfortunately … End of the holidays, I was in Périgueux and the hairdressers of Périgueux… Me, I do not attach much importance to the details of clothing and hair (…) He was cutting my hair , I was not paying so much attention, and all of a sudden, I look (…) I was almost shaved!”, he declared.

After returning to Paris, David Pujadas went in search of a wig to hide the damage. “On Saturday afternoon, I actually look on the Internet. I go around the advertisements, etc. And then, I come across someone who says to me: ‘But yes, we have wigs, you come, we put on the wig and then I cut your hair, you will see, it will be your hair color”. A wig so similar to his real hair that he kept it for no less than 15 days!

On the occasion of her birthday, this December 2, Planet invites you to discover her hair metamorphosis throughout her career.