Arrival of the cold: what temperatures at home this Friday?


Gone is the sweetness. Summer played extra time this fall and the month of November was particularly hot, to the point that some people wondered if winter was going to finally arrive. Rest assured, temperatures will drop from this Friday, December 2 across the country and for several days. As La Chaîne Météo explains, “the European continent is getting colder and covered in snow. Our country will partially suffer the effects of this first winter offensive”.

Lower temperatures, but also snow on the plain are expected for the weekend, particularly Saturday, December 2. According to the specialized site, it is indeed the presence of cold on the northern half, as well as “disturbances loaded with humid and mild air which will come up from the Mediterranean”, which make these first falls of flakes possible at low altitude. As Planet explained to you, 32 departments may be affected by snowfall this weekend in three areas of France, the South-es, the Center-east and the North-east.

On the side of the thermometer, what should we expect exactly? According to the latest report from Météo France, temperatures “will fall below seasonal averages” in the coming days and we can therefore speak of a “moderate cooling” throughout France. In the northern half of the country, “the maximum could be between 2 and 7°C on Saturday and Sunday, values ​​most often 3 to 5 degrees below normal for the season”.

It will therefore be cold this weekend but, be careful, you will not escape the drop in temperatures either tomorrow, Friday 2 December. The thermometer will very rarely exceed 4°C in the morning and some departments will even be negative in the early hours of the day! Discover below the forecasts for Friday, December 2 in each department.