185 km/h wind strength of the cyclone kill in India and Bangladesh, 80 person of cyclone Amphan has reached the mainland. Three million people have been put up in temporary accommodation. Many fear, however, of being infected with the Coronavirus.1 Kommentar1Ein man crosses a flooded street in Kolkata.Photo: Reuters

More than 80 people have come in India and Bangladesh by the devastating cyclone “Amphan” killed. Alone in the most affected North-East Indian state of West Bengal there were at least 72 Dead, said the competent head of government on Thursday. The disaster was bigger than Corona, and it need several days, to the full extent of the damage estimate. The storm was, according to the Indian meteorological service, one of the worst storms in the Region over the past 20 years.

The people died, about by the crackling of the houses or falling trees, such as competent authorities. In many Parts of the 15-million-inhabitant city of Kolkata in West Bengal, the electricity had failed. The city’s airport was completely flooded, there were downed power poles and overturned cars, as television showed pictures of.

Many people survived but probably because of more than three million had been placed in emergency shelters before the storm “Amphan” had been reached on Wednesday, the mainland.

3 million people in shelters

More than three million people had been brought to the authorities, according to emergency shelters. According to the Indian meteorological service Amphan is one of the worst storms in the Region over the past 20 years. He will initially move on over Bangladesh to Bhutan, and on Thursday afternoon, to weaken.

A man who lived in the vicinity of the place where the storm came on Wednesday to the country, told the television channel NDTV: “Many areas are devastated and there is no water supply. In our village of this terrible storm has made everything flat.”

The powerful hurricane “Amphan” has cost us in India and Bangladesh a minimum of 80 people. Video: TamediaIm fight against the Coronavirus

The Corona-pandemic, the great evacuation before the storm even harder than usual for such Storms. To ensure the distance, were the authorities of both countries, according to its own figures, more shelters available. Nevertheless, the people could not keep up in the accommodation there is always sufficient distance, as television showed pictures of.

hurricanes in the Gulf of Bengal again and again. In the case of a large cyclone in 1999, approximately 10 000 people died. Experts believe that the intensity of storms has increased in recent years because of climate change tend to be. The victims were, but in the past few years, and is generally smaller, since there are now more good shelters and evacuation plans.

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