Facebook buys Giphy – Why Zuckerberg is spending 400 million for a photo platform Facebook has bought Giphy. This site provides funny animated pictures available. It could also be a method, with the Mark Zuckerberg of valuable data about its competitors comes.Matthias Schüssler1 Kommentar1Mark Zuckerberg has reason to be pleased: He enlarged his Empire by one more Aquisition.Giphy.com

Facebook has taken over at the weekend, the Website giphy.com . The purchase price has not acted, the social network, however, the American Website, Axios gave him 400 million dollars. That would be comparatively little, because the value had been set at the end of 2016, in the case of a financing round to 600 million.

Still, it is a lot of money for a platform – spoken disparagingly – nothing does, as a collection, more or less, funny pictures provide. On Giphy there are animated sequences of a few seconds. These animated GIF files have the of the platform, given its name, gives it to almost every cue.

It is excerpts from films and series, and bring you a feeling or a brief statement on the point. They are used in social media as a replacement for a comment in text form. You save some typing and eyes are due. In the case of Facebook, this is commonplace. The social network writes in the message to the Takeover, these GIFs and stickers were a “strong expression for the user”.

10 billion GIFs per day

Giphy was founded in 2013. Meanwhile, the site has 700 million users daily and delivers the ten billion images per day. Half of the users is mediated by the Facebook-group Apps together with Facebook, are the the Messenger and Whatsapp, but the largest share of Instagram has. For Facebook, it is logical, therefore, to integrate the platform altogether.

However, the Acquisition does not undivided enthusiasm: Three US senators have declared in a statement to the News Website “The Verge” reservations: The social network is seeking new ways to even more users acquire the data, commenting on Republican Senator Josh Hawley.

The competition authorities have already thrown longer keep an eye on Facebook. The mistrust stems from the fact that Facebook had not promised when the Acquisition of Whatsapp, the user profiles of the services, in August 2016, but that’s exactly what has done.

in the current Takeover is doubtful. Giphy is not only integrated in the Apps of the Facebook group. A whole series of messengers and social networks has a built-in Giphy: Twitter via Tiktok to Microsoft Teams, Slack, Tinder, Trello, Snapchat, Telegram and Signal.

keep the Facebook competitors on Giphy the rod?

Facebook confirmed, these partners would continue to have the opportunity to use the service. But the fear is that the Social Media company is the competitors from entering. The question is whether Facebook will have via Giphy now the possibility of his catches also according to the users of rival services to extend. This fear is not unfounded: Facebook has taken over 2013, the Israeli security company Onavo, and with your data on the usage behaviour of other Apps is collected: In this way, Mark Zuckerberg was able to recognize early on that Snapchat and Whatsapp to a serious threat would grow.

“The Verge” has learned that the Messenger Telegram is already here, to return on Giphy in the back. The founder of Signal, another on the protection of privacy of covered Messenger, has also reacted immediately on Twitter. Moxie Marlinspike wrote that you have always in a way on Giphy, which give the privacy of a true and there is no user data – however, the question of whether to maintain the trust relationship, a complete decoupling is required.

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