United States: expenses for Trumps Vereidigungs ceremony were astronomically high


The American President Donald Trump is a man of great performances. He had already shown at his inauguration in January, 2017: a Total of private donors made gifts for the Inauguration ceremony a total of around 107 million dollars to Trump to introduce due in the office of the President.

Around $ 10,000 was invested in the Make-Up of the auxiliary forces at an evening event, and a further $ 30,000 in day-to-day money of the employee in addition to the cost of the hotel rooms, order room Service, and airline tickets. Alone, 6.4 million dollars of the funds were donated for the hotel room, which remained empty in the end. A total of was spent on trump’s inauguration, more than twice as much money, than they do on the inaugural celebrations of the former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

the Details of The donations were in the course of the investigations around trump’s election campaign Team, publicly. The investigators will check now, whether Trump is also through foreign donations, which are banned in the United States. It is to be placed mainly open the question of whether funds from abroad have been donated over American citizens, according to investigators circles.

the bulk of The donations came from large corporations, such as the American telecommunications provider AT&T or Bank of America as well as wealthy supporters of Republicans.