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Jean Gabriel Pèriot, the author of any dramatic piece of video-art, has gone to the movies with good fortune by now. This film is the record of an experiment with students at a French institute: a kind of workshop that any teacher could replicate in the classroom, where a motley group (read multicultural) is subjected to a double test. On the one hand, reescenifican fragments of films that emerged around what we could call “the may ’68”: the works of Godard chinese”, by Chris Marker, films, trade union militant…

on the other hand, they respond to questions such as, what is communism? Or does the policy? Or do a union? The answers are not worse than those that would some/many of the politicians, with the advantage that they are sincere. And some conclusions are drawn. Each response is specific and personal (that is to say, without much interest) and at the same time symptomatic of the changes that have occurred in the mentality of the French people, although not cost extrapolarlo to other areas. The title of the film alludes perhaps to the idea of a revolt lost: the boys don’t know what a union is or what a thing is the working class and, since then, don’t show supporters of the revolution.

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