Fabric softener, window cleaner, sponges, dishwashing liquid… Your kitchen, your bathroom, your toilets and your storage room are rooms full of household products. These represent a real budget for the French! According to the most recent study, carried out in 2007 by TNS Worldpanel, each family spends around 220 euros per year for the maintenance of their home: cleaning of course, but also laundry, dishes or even ironing. Precious euros that could be saved or spent more intelligently, provided that a certain number of good practices are put in place.

The latter have even become essential in this new school year: inflation continues to affect the French hard and some therefore give up buying cleaning products. According to the analysis of the NielsenIQ firm over the last six months, families have reduced their purchases of household products by 6.9%.

Should you give up the cleanliness of your home or your laundry to save money at the supermarket checkout? No not necessarily. There are many tips to make your cleaning products last and therefore reduce your expenses at the supermarket, as you can discover in the slideshow below. First of all, sort through your cupboards: it is not a question of throwing away, but of reasoning your expenses: do you really need so many cleaners? Often one good product can be effective throughout the home.

It is quite possible to replace all of your household products with just four natural and inexpensive products. These are baking soda, white vinegar, black soap and Marseille soap. Together, they allow you to clean the windows, do the laundry, wash the floor or even restore the shine to your cutlery. Here are the different uses allowed by these miraculous products: