Chaos and paralysis, Donald Trump has caused in the past few days, both the political Washington in a crisis, as she is for his tenure unusual. Trump announced Troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan, and lost his Minister of defence James Mattis, the many considered the last of the moderate looking Person in a key position.

The President speculated about whether he could get rid of Central-Bank-chief Jerome Powell. And to be acting Minister of justice Matthew Whitaker refused the supervision of the Russia-investigations, as it advised him ethics specialists of the Ministry.

Who bears the blame for the Shutdown?

While all of this was enough excitement caused, threatened to Trump Time and again with what was then avert on Friday: the partial “Shutdown”, the authorities have to close because their funding is due to expire. Trump is for 23 months in office, and this is already the third such administration to a standstill. He does not want to give in – five-billion dollars for a border wall with Mexico, he wants to force the issue of the law. But in the Senate, 60 votes would be needed, so that Trump needs the Democrats.

The Democrats call the Situation the “Trump-Shutdown”. Less than two weeks ago, the President had said in an interview with the tips of her party, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer: “I am proud, to close the administration in the interest of border security, Chuck.” He will assume the full responsibility: “I will be the one that includes you, I’m not going to make you responsible.”

Nine of the 15 most important authorities in the country are now closed since midnight on Friday, among them the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Homeland security and the interior Ministry. Others, such as the Ministry of defence, can also work after Christmas, as normal, because the issue regulations have been decided for you already earlier.

hundreds of thousands of employees are affected: 380.000 to stay close to home, 420.000 must work without knowing whether their salary is paid on time. This includes security forces at airports as well as border officials. On Thursday, the house of representatives had adopted a short-term output regulation 5.7 billion for border security and disaster assistance. However, because more than five billion dollars were provided for the construction of Trumps border wall, had the draft in the Senate, no Chance.