Virginie Guilhaume : la sublime métamorphose capillaire de l’animatrice


Private access, Le Grand Bêtisier des stars, Nouvelle Star… Virginie Guilhaume has hosted numerous programs both on France Télévisions and on the channels of the TF1 or M6 group. The host, who turns 45 on November 30, 2022, has been presenting the program Le Grand JT de l’éducation on SQOOL TV since this year.

On the show Chez Jordan, Virginie Guilhaume confided in February 2022. “It’s a very small baby who has just been born. We are super motivated”, she said at the time and added: ” When we talk about education, we touch on all subjects. We touch on religion, ecology, sex, reading, learning, the relationship to the body. And that’s why I’m passionate about talking about everything. that”.

The former presenter of La Nouvelle Star also spoke of the loss of her father when she was only 16 years old.

“He developed a fairly devastating cancer and then I think that the passage at the same time, a little in politics since he was in the summer. He was a historian, he did a lot of things. And above all, a passage which was to television as president of France Télévisions, but it was also a political passage, since we cannot dissociate France Télévisions from politics and the State, especially at the time”, she declared and d explain: “I think it was fatal to him. It was very violent. I think there are a lot of illnesses that are also linked to what we are going through. Too much pressure and it was very violent You have to be able to be lucid about that (…) Maybe he was faced with people who were a little too tied to politics. It was very hard at those times”.