On May 6, King Charles III will be crowned at Westminster Abbey alongside his wife, Queen Consort Camilla. A historic event during which the father of Princes Harry and William will receive “the symbols of his powers”, reports Kévin Guillot, historian and author of the Monarchiebritannique.com site. During the ceremony, which will be watched by millions of viewers, he will be “sacred by the Archbishop of Canterbury with holy oil. Thus the sovereign becomes the most sacred figure in England, head of the Anglican Church and representative of God on Earth”.

The date of his coronation had been revealed a few weeks earlier by Buckingham Palace. A date that must have tilted the spouses of Sussex, Meghan and Harry. Indeed, May 6 is the birthday of their first child, Archie. On that day, he will celebrate his 4th birthday. According to Kévin Guillot, it would be a pure coincidence. “It is a simple coincidence of the calendar. King Charles wishes above all that his family be united again. As proof, at the time of the death of the Queen, he ordered his son William to make the peace with his brother”, he explained to us.

For the past few years, the relationship between the new monarch and Harry has not been good. Despite this, the date chosen is “in no way a way of boring the Sussexes”, explains Kévin Guillot. Faced with tensions, wouldn’t it have been wiser to choose another coronation date? The British monarchy comes “first and foremost” since “Charles III is part of his mother’s heritage”. The date would not have been changed, even if it was “a child’s birthday, whether it’s Archie, George or even Charlotte”.

The date of coronation has always been chosen with members of the royal family “such as Princes William, Anne and Edward, but also former Prime Ministers, State officials, members of the clergy and aristocrats” . King Charles III will therefore be crowned eight months after his ascension, compared to 14 months for his late mother Elizabeth II.