now, Brooke, Skylar Richardson (20) will be performed on Thursday in tears when the verdict was listening to her moordproces. In 2017 and claimed the teenager was her daughter, still-born, but it is important to research to be on “a violent death”. The jury, as it did, the slope is not, and ruled that Richardson is not guilty of murder. She was found guilty of “abuse of a corpse,” and was sentenced to an imprisonment of seven days. Due to her time spent in pretrial, she must not go back to prison.

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The young American was in 2017 with a perfect life: a boyfriend, that she’s in a relationship and build up a loving family and are planning to go to the university and to withdraw once they had graduated. That life came to an abrupt end, when Richardson found out that she was already several months pregnant.

She tried to have the baby in her belly, desperately trying to cover it up, so no one knew about the pregnancy. She was not a full belly, and sprang up are still around in her cheerleaderuniform, and looked great in a bikini. The fluctuations in her weight, ” she said to have an eating disorder, that has been a couple of years now.

the Dark secret

During and after the birth, things went completely wrong. Richardson claimed that ” the child is stillborn, and buried it in the garden. She covered the little grave with the flowers that she senior prom had been carrying. The teen held up the lips, however, are rigid to each other, and she told no one her secret.

everything had come to light due to the beginning of the her the news and told me that she was pregnant. The doctor has reported the death of a child, to be a coroner, but also wrote how the child had died. That’s what attracted the attention of the police, which, in turn, will be the relatives of the Richardson one.

mediated after all the process:

according to prosecutors, it remains unclear how the child died. She was “pale and lifeless” was born, wasn’t breathing, and, according to Richardson, the umbilical cord is not attached to the placenta. The young woman later told her mother that she spend time with the child in her arms, sat down, and waiting until the eyes were opened. That’s never happened.

After the vrijspraakhekelden the attorneys of Richardson, the public prosecutors because she is a young woman, “too tough”. It is also very much mediated after all, and it was a daily thing to do. The defense is afraid that they will never rust, it will be found, and are constantly in the media, it will continue to come in. The woman received a sentence of seven days for “abuse of a corpse”, but they don’t live it. She was also given a suspended sentence of three years.

the Justice

as a prosecutor, David Fornshell, there is, however, convinced that the cheerleader and her baby’s life. “It’s that little girl who is due to justice to claim”, what it sounds like. “We had to give it a try.”

as The mother of Richardson, stated that it was “unreal” to realize that she has a grandchild that she “will never be able to hold it”. The young woman responded, meanwhile, are in the judgment and said that she “forever will regret it”. She also provided her apology to the father of the child.

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