Corona-crisis and limitation initiative – foreclosure solves the Problem of unemployment is not the crisis threatening 100’000 people to lose their jobs. The will play the supporters of limit initiative in the cards. But the break with the EU threatens to exacerbate the Problem of unemployment. Opinion Holger Alich2 Kommentare2Die Regional employment centers such as here in Zurich will get because of the crisis, to do more. Photo: Dominique Meienberg

afraid to be politically well managed. And in these times, people have every reason to worry about their jobs. Up to 100’000 people could lose as a result of the Corona-crisis your Job, show estimates.

The swelling of the unemployment figures could fall in the autumn. And so just in the environment of the vote to limit initiative. This calls for the need to terminate the agreement on the free movement of persons with the EU.

For supporters of limit initiative, it is completely obvious to justify your suggestion with the rising unemployment figures. Why should allow Switzerland unrestricted immigration of labour from the EU if more and more Swiss lose their job?

What sounds convincing at first glance, is a dangerous milk-booklet account: a skilled workforce there is still a lack, for example in pharmaceutical research. The people do not come to the laboratories in Switzerland, go to the labs where you find the forces. Just because Switzerland makes the borders closed, the unemployment numbers are not small.

on the contrary, The break with the EU threatens the export sector sustained damage. According to the Corona-crisis is the last thing that the Swiss mechanical engineering needs.

The Swiss workers are generally well-qualified. Your chances of finding a recovery back to a Job, are intact. But it is also true that after the financial crisis, for example, in the mechanical engineering industry, thousands of jobs are permanently gone.

There is no warranty of any kind, from a life of the same occupation. Here, training will help. And here, you can also help the state. But also, employers are asking: you need to show flexible and people with breaks in their resume a Chance. Thus, the people benefit more than the country to foreclose.

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