Not a second time, son, for Nafi Thiam. The reigning European, olympic and world champion has started off with a disadvantage to its biggest competitor, Katarina Johnson-Thompson on the second day, and just got bigger after the jump, the fifth discipline. All of the javelin, then, is the last trump card of the 25-year-old compatriot. But it continued to Thiam, who clearly, once again to cope with the elbow or below its level during its first two pitches, and gave up, they even fixed it for her the last time. The rift with Katarina Johnson-Thompson is up for the semi final of the 800m (to 23u05 is irreconcilable. Probably takes Thiam is still in silver. Thomas, the Variation of the time being, there is a fifth (7.469 points after the javelin, the penultimate test of the decathlon.

Wednesday was the Thiam and her son started up with a 13.36 in the women’s 100m hurdles (1.071 points). Then it was followed by a 1m95 in the high jump (of 1,171 pts), a 15m22 in the shot put (876 points), and a 24.60 in the 200 meters (924 points). In this way, after the first day, 96 points, its eternal rival, britain’s Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

Comfortable during the long jump after an injury during the javelin-throwing

“in The long jump and the javelin, will decides, as always,” said Thiam in advance. And it was so. Unfortunately, it is not, with the result that Thiam would have liked to have had it. In the long jump, she put a jump on 6m40, while her challenger, Katerina Johnson-Thompson and, preferably, 6m77 jump. This continued Thiam 46 inches away from her Belgian record of 6m86, on the 18th of August, in Birmingham on indeed. She earned 975 points, but that was in stark contrast with the 1.095 points for Johnson-Thompson.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Thiam, had made a sensational throw of the javelin, while Katerina Johnson-Thompson, her feathers would have to leave. However, the opposite has happened. Johnson-Thompson threw 43m93 (743 points) set a personal record. Thiam threw the spear, however, 48m04 c (822 points), but remained at a distance of more than ten meters under her personal best. . She had pain in her injured elbow, and, in spite of care and the fee for the third and last time.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Thiam was so so, not enough of the gap with run-in. The British now have 137 points, ahead of Thiam. In order to 23u05 is the semi final of the 800 m at the part where Johnson-Thompson, the better it is considered to be over Thiam.

Standings after javelin

1. Katarina Johnson-Thompson (great britain): 5976 points.

2. Nafi Thiam (Bel): 5893 points.

3. Vera Preiner (E): 5579 points).

4. Kendell Williams (USA): 5558 points.

5. Nadine Broersen: 5541 points.

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Johnson-Thompson (Photo: REUTERS < / P> Thomas, the Variation of the climb to provisional third place after the javelin

the , Thomas, Of the Variation of the time being, there is a fifth (7.469 points after the javelin, the second-to-last test in the decathlon at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha in group A. in Group B, in 22u10 to take action. From the Variation of the he threw his spear, 63m67 far, which is good for 793 points. His personal best is 65m31. The Est Maicel Ubo is for the time being the new leader, with a 7.869 points.

Earlier in the day and made the most Of the Variation is a good turn out for the pole vault, his favorite part of it. From the Variation of the jump in the eighth test of the decathlon on 5m30, and the third party. The previous leader, the Frenchman Kevin Mayer gave up in the pole vault with an ankle injury. However, it was two years ago, the world champion, in London, and improved on last year in Talence the world, to 9.126 points.


The record of the Variation in the pole vault and is 5.45m. Which he set up in June of this year, down in Talence. From the Variation of the ran Wednesday all of 11.38 in the 100 metres (778 points), jump, 7m20, in the long jump (862 points), then hit his ball 13m78 (715 points), jump, 2m08 in the high jump (878 points), and ran 50.89 in the 400 meters (774 pts). On Thursday, he began his day with a 14.80 in the 110m hurdles (874 pts), and 46m17 (791 points) in the discus throw.

Later tonight, the 1500m (23u25).

the Isaac Kimeli place in the semi-finals of the 1,500 m, and Ishmael, Debjani does not

Isaac Kimeli has qualified for the semi-finals of the 1,500 meters. Ishmael, Debjani was killed in action in the series. The 25-year-old Kimeli finished the second set strongly, in a 3:37.87 (personal record: 3:36.51), and ended up seventh. It was a total of 23 to 43 of the participants, and the fifth collected in the semi-finals.

Photos: BELGA

on Monday, it was Kimeli even by the age of fourteen, in the finals of the 5,000 meters, and he thought about it, and the 1,500-meter drop. The 29-year-old Debjani was, after a long time, take it slow and have been hoping for a fast time-to-run, the seventh in the series, in 3:39.11 (a personal record: 3:33.70). It was the 31st and not heropgevist.

in The semi-finals are Friday, starting at 19u05 is provided. The final is on Sunday at 18u40 on the program.

Kimeli: “the opportunity I have each year,”

Isaac Kimeli hesitated a long time before the 1,500 meters at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha. He would start just three days after the tired to 5000 meters, is it not? He eventually took the risk and it was subsequently pleased with the results. “It was a really tough race, put Kimeli, after the end of the harbour. “I wasn’t expecting it. My coach, Tim Moriau, I was told to wait for the last one hundred meters, and then to give it everything. I was able to have two men walk in and take my place in the semi-finals is secure.”

“it is important to quickly recover for the next day”, he continued Kimeli. “It’s going to be hard, because I have a lot of running. However, the opportunity I have each year. I’m satisfied with my world CHAMPIONSHIP. After the 5000 metres I was a little disappointed, but that feeling is gone now.”
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