Corinne Masiero: who shares the life of the actress?


Particularly famous for her role in the series Capitaine Marleau on France 2, it is also for her political convictions and her personality that Corinne Masiero is famous with the French public.

Never afraid to say loud and clear what she thinks, she multiplied the outbursts to mark the opinion. The demonstrations have never scared him either. It was even during one of them that the actress was able to meet the man of her life. Indeed, in 2000, while she was participating in a social movement against the Medef, the actress fell in love with Nicolas Grard.

“I had spotted this guy who had managed to calm people down with a megaphone when things could have gone wrong (…) I managed to get his phone, and I texted him: ‘ It’s where you want, when you want.’ We dined together the same evening, we saw each other again the next day. And we never left each other, “she said in the columns of Elle magazine, quoted by Here in 2021.

Actor, director, photographer, but also naturopath, Nicolas Grard is a man of many talents whom Corinne Masiero describes herself as “Geo Trouvetou of life”. She rarely talks about her private life, she is full of praise for it when the opportunity arises. “Me, I’ve had a lover for fourteen years, so I don’t look at anyone anymore. It’s the first time I haven’t cheated on my guy, in fourteen years! He’s a guy from the North, who has a company of street theatre. Who is called Nicolas, whom I love and who is as beautiful on the outside as on the inside”, she confided on the set of Vivement la télé with Michel Drucker in 2016.

If she has not made a statement about Nicolas Grard recently, the latest news, the two lovers would still live their romance.