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The former mayor of O Grove (Pontevedra) got a judge secuestrara confiscate the book, “Fariña” in February 2018, just a few days before it began to broadcast the television series of the same name based on this work of the journalist Nacho Carretero. It became a “banned book” that libraries had to withdraw from their shelves, precisely when expectations of sale had, in view of the strong promotion that Antena 3 was doing in his fiction. During those 3 months became the target of opportunists, who resold them across platforms five and ten times its price. The story of drug trafficking in Galicia, he spent three months in the shade, because Alfredo Bea Gondar considered it infringed their right to the honor to be mentioned in its pages. Now, the Provincial Audience of Madrid just solved a demand for the editor, Books of the KO, by the prejudice which led him to the judicial sequestration, and the mayor will have to pay more than 16,000 euros in concept of compensation .

the judges of the Section Twenty-modified and a judgment of first instance which denied the claim of the publishers, and now they do believe “that there was a loss of sales attributable to the interim measure” agreed to by the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 7 of Collado Villalba, and judge Bea Gondar to pay 3.437 euros to the author, and 13.041 euros to the editor, which looks like this reimbursed the coup that resulted in the kidnapping of his great bestseller. “We fear seriously for the future of the publishing house”, asserted two years ago from Books of the KO. This Monday, his manager Alberto Sáez did not conceal his satisfaction. “This car will come to corroborate that it was an injustice being done and to indemnify us from this injustice,” says this newspaper, “and we are pleased not so much by the figure, but due to the fact give us the reason and that does not seem to sequester a book comes for free” .

“”manioc flour” was the book that had given us life and that we had been saved from closure, and suddenly we were kidnapped” , has reminded the editor, “and to top it all off the day that is referred to the kidnapping, Antenna 3 begins to advertise his series as based on the banned book”, which led to ansiara the work by the public but could not be marketed. Saez believes that the emergence of the news of the kidnapping in the media led to the CGPJ “to think something”, since “from that time, things were made with more care” and the process of judicial lightened their times.

The kidnapping of “manioc flour” was only the preliminary injunction sought by Bea Gondar within the complaint for interference with his right to the honor to be mentioned on a couple of occasions in the pages of the book.

The former mayor of O Grove asked for half a million euros compensation to the editorial, complaint dismissed , and that he has now taken to appeal in cassation to the Supreme Court, as stated by Alberto Sáez ABC. After getting up the case, Books of the KO filed a suit for damages against Bea Gondar, which has just won second isntancia.

“The defense of Bea Gondar always said that with the kidnapping of the book we gave publicity” and denied that it would have generated damages to the editorial, an argument perverse given that when asked no one knew that the work could once again be sold. “They were not looking for give us publicity, but to sink them,” Sáez, “and it seemed to us a reckless succession of complaints that we got, allegations all of them that has been lost in a row india”. Only when the measure was appealed before the Provincial court, with the prosecutor requesting its removal, was able to return three months later to bookstores. And there began the phenomenon”, in the words of its editor. Today, “manioc flour” is a true best seller in Spain, with over 120,000 copies sold , 40,000 of them since before the incident.

“We went from being shivering in a summer selling figures of record” , points out the editor, but that is not an obstacle for this trance “we have changed in some way, because the shock will not remove anyone.” Since then, “we are obliged to read several times the things most controversial” of the manuscripts that reach them, “something that until then is not looked at so much” in a company which at that time was composed of three workers, and that today, thanks to —among others— the work of Carter has been expanded to five. “It was a fright too big”.