On October 18, 2022, the actress Miou-Miou suddenly lost the man who shared her life, Jean Teulé. A disappearance all the more tragic as the 69-year-old writer suffered a cardiac arrest following probable food poisoning.

As revealed by Le Parisien, an investigation has been opened to determine precisely the circumstances of his death. “He would have gone to the restaurant this weekend and would have had food poisoning. The death would be due to a cardio-respiratory arrest following this intoxication”, revealed a police source to our colleagues.

A few days after his death, Paris Match had revealed the last moments of Jean-Teulé who would have died in the arms of his companion Miou-Miou. The latter “is totally upset. Angèle and Jeanne support her in this ordeal that affects us all”. After taking refuge in silence, the actress had granted a few words to Télé Star. Asked what we could wish him for this new year 2023, the ex-companion of Coluche had then declared: “Better than 2022. A good year 2023, we believe in it as they say”.

This January 29, 2023, Miou-Miou was the guest of her friend Michel Drucker in his show Vivement dimanche on France 3. The 72-year-old actress wore for the occasion a pretty pear-shaped necklace on which the letter M was engraved. , for “Miou-Miou”. A jewel given to him by his friend Jean-Pierre Coffe, who died in 2016.

“Since you authorized me, we can ask Richard Valvert (the cameraman, Editor’s note) to make a close-up of this medal: look, listen carefully to what Miou-Miou is going to tell you. It will touch you a lot”, declared Michel Drucker and Miou-Miou to continue: “It was offered to me by Jean-Pierre Coffe, who was my great friend. I make little jokes like that so I said to myself ‘Come on, I’ll take you, you’ll be familiar with this decor’.

A jewel all the more symbolic as Jean-Pierre Coffe was at the origin of his meeting with the writer Jean Teulé.