Who wants to the so-called Zilgrei breathing learning or to the Dorn method, a pelvic tilt how to fix that in the program of the Frankfurt Volkshochschule no longer find it. The VHS has deleted these controversial therapies of your offer. Like VHS head Truda Ann Smith said on inquiry, this happened in the summer led to nationwide discussion of esoteric courses in people’s universities, and an article in this newspaper about appropriate offers in Frankfurt.

Matthias Trautsch

sheet-makers in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

The program for the fall and Winter of 2018/19 recommended by the Zilgrei method as a gentle and effective therapy for rheumatism, arthritis, migraines, joint and back pain as well as symptoms of Stress. The breathing technique was no special prerequisites to learn. While the effect of the Zilgrei is no method that scientifically, keep Doctors the Dorn-therapy and even dangerous. According to the old VHS program, the method offers a “simple, gentle and risk-free hand movements, pain-free correction and help for lack standing vertebrae and joints”. Orthopaedic surgeons warn, however, that laymen of every attempt of self-healing injury, to the paraplegia risk.

“the esoteric instead of education”

As Smith said now, have not been included for the courses in the program for the spring and summer of 2019, because “the therapeutic method in the foreground and not so much the prevention”. Unlike earlier in the section “health” of the VHS program is now an introduction which the informational nature of the courses highlights. The participants should have “point of view and methods from different traditions and culture circles” so that you can “self-form a differentiated opinion”. The introduction concludes with the note: “Our offers are quoted as a guide and support, but can’t replace a visit to the doctor or therapist.”

The town Council group, “The Frankfurter” considers the Changes in the VHS program is not sufficient. Still there is in an Institution, the advocate, according to the self-understanding of humanistic Ideals, courses, the “esoteric instead of education,” would offer. The “Frankfurter” the single-day seminars include a result of “The classical homeopathic pharmacy” and “The female menopause – AIDS from the classic homeopathy”, as well as a five-part Course, in the it under the title “Meridian stretching” to an invisible grid, in which the energy of Qi flow through the human body and the physical, mental and emotional Are intended to influence.