The Euro countries want to bring in spite of cashless payment options also 2019 Euro coins in great style in circulation. The 19 countries of the common currency area to produce pieces of money in a total volume of EUR 2.1 billion (previous year: 2.2 billion). Of these, around 488 million Euro collector coins are, as from the approval of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The most pieces of money wants to once again produce Germany. To 632 million euros, the volume of which 231 million euros for the collector is in Europe’s largest economy. The ECB sets a year on the basis of the of the Eurozone countries reported demand for an upper limit for the total volume of the coins. In this framework, the countries can then have the money pieces to shape.

Controversial 1 – and 2-Cent coins. Many consumers find annoying, because they collect in the purse and those thick and heavy. Traders enjoy the psychological effect krummer prices slightly below the full Euro must then give the cash to exchange the Smallest out of money.

Small coin – desperately wanted:

some States – such as in the Netherlands and in Finland – is the Rounding has long been customary. The small pieces of money but also to stay there. The abolition of individual coins could only be at the European level decided. As an Argument for the abolition of critics also lead to the field, only the material costs to manufacture 1 – and 2-Cent coins exceeded their face value by Far.

to be produced, in Spite of the criticism of the copper – plated small money – measured by the number of pieces, most commonly the small coins. In the years 2016 and 2017, the Euro countries spent around 3.6 billion 1-Cent coins and 2 Cent pieces. For comparison, the 1-Euro coin 2-Euro coin were minted about 1.6 billion Times.

Because many of the small coins go to on a regular basis in saving pigs to land or lost it is estimated that about two-thirds of the 1 – and 2-Cent pieces – defendant Belgium, in the summer a shortage of cents-coins. In media reports, a spokesman of the Ministry of Finance, was quoted as saying that there were already Considerations, the Belgians in a national campaign to call on to bring the copper red coins to the Bank, so at least some of them back into the payment cycle.