Covid-19: departments where the incidence rate is still very high


“The Covid epidemic is not behind us”. This is what Brigitte Autran, professor of immunology and president of the Committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks, declared on August 16 in the columns of Le Parisien.

According to her, we must therefore not turn the page too quickly and forget the epidemic which has raged for the past two years. Indeed, it could well come back to the charge as soon as the start of the school year begins.

“The most likely scenario is that of an epidemic peak at the start of the school year. Will it be due to a new variant or the return of cold weather? We are not guessing, but it is almost certain that there will be a wave in the fall,” she says.

Thus, it will probably be necessary to get back into the habit of carrying out barrier gestures daily, or even perhaps to wear your mask again.

But some researchers have done a conclusive study with encouraging new findings.

This study published on Tuesday August 23 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine leads to the conclusion that “regular physical activity is associated with a lower risk of infection” with Covid-19. In addition, it also reduces the risk of “hospitalizations, severity and mortality”, reports Le Figaro.

This study still remains to be taken with a grain of salt, but a sporting activity could well be favorable in the face of the coronavirus.

A good tip to know therefore because the Covid-19 is circulating more and more on French territory. In some departments, the level of the incidence rate is even particularly high and therefore worrying. Find out which ones in our slideshow below.