When you are invited somewhere, whether it is with friends, relatives or colleagues, it is essential to be polite and polite. By respecting certain rules of conduct, you show your consideration for your hosts and help create a pleasant atmosphere during meetings. In this article, we present a series of practical tips for you to be an impeccable guest and to ensure that your hosts remember your presence with pleasure.

Without having to respect etiquette to the letter, knowing a few tips for receiving guests with politeness and elegance can make the difference when organizing a lunch or dinner. Starting with knowing how to set an impeccable table.

The host is not the only one who has to behave well during a meal. Indeed, guests must also follow a few rules of politeness and good conduct, in order to always make a good impression during a lunch or dinner. Follow our advice, shown in our slideshow below, to stay elegant in all circumstances and to be a true “perfect guest”.

Simple but essential, with our advice you will be sure to leave a positive impression as a guest. Prepare to be complimented for your politeness, manners and respect for your hosts. Now, let’s dive into the details of each tip to help you become a flawless guest. Go to our slides to discover the attitudes and gestures to follow with your hosts.