Whether or not “Museum embankment” or “Mainhattan”: When it comes to catchy labels for the Frankfurt city image, and then the leaders come up with something. As a new Vision is now being propagated in the North of the city, the “Campus mile”. This is intended to link three grouped close to each other universities and the German national library to each other spatially. But there’s one small Problem: The busy, all the ring – between the A66 and East of Frankfurt – cuts the mile-literally.

A nationwide competition among students has delivered in the spring of the year ideas on how the Campus a mile to the Miquelallee in spite of all the adversity could be implemented. Now the Goethe-University presses – with almost 50,000 students, Hessen’s largest University and most important “Player” in the project – the pace of implementation and calls for “power of vision”.

“The project is a huge opportunity,” says University President, Birgitta Wolff. “A campus, a mile would be similar to that on the banks of a new, attractive space and would be a clear commitment of the city to their universities.” The private University-Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FS) and the former Polytechnic, now called the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (UAS). Both are on all the ring and promise of future cooperation.

projects up to 2022

Until the year 2022, the Goethe language University on the new Campus Westend the-, art – and music scientists from the former location in Bockenheim. The Campus, which is counted among the most beautiful in Germany, to the North of the all the ring. There is to be built on the North-Western boundary to 2028 is also currently still in Bockenheim-based Uni-library.

This could then be a “Communication – and information center” of the first rank for all universities, says Wolff. As an urban solution Wolf could imagine continued to be under-tunneling of all of the ring – despite the strict no’s of the city. The Uni-President takes the example of Munich, where, through the under tunneling of the Petuelring in the North of Schwabing is also a Region of urban development has been enhanced.

“That sounds at first glance charming,”

“That sounds at first glance charming,” says the spokesman of the Frankfurt planning Department, Mark Gellert, a to the proposal. In Detail, however, in a main traffic axis, many problems, such as the outflow of traffic in other streets.