(Las Vegas) In the immediate future, and probably also in the very distant future, the Quebec Nordiques are going to have to stay in the same place: in our memories.

This is, in essence, what must be understood following Gary Bettman’s annual press briefing, the one he usually gives on the sidelines of the Stanley Cup final.

Asked about the Arizona Coyotes’ troubles Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the commissioner said he has no plans to move the team at this time.

“The Coyotes will explore all of their options in the Phoenix area, hopefully one of those options will pay off,” Bettman began by saying. Arizona is an incredible market, it is one of the largest sports markets in North America. The club and its fans have found themselves in unfortunate situations, and may have been victims of circumstance. We are in a better position to withstand possible moves than we were 20 or 30 years ago. »

With a much different enthusiasm, Daly made a point of saying that the businessman Ryan Smith would like to have a hockey club in Utah.

A short time later, Martin Walsh, the new leader of the Players Association, however, expressed concerns about the situation of hockey in Arizona. “Coyotes players cannot continue to play in a college arena,” he said.

What is more certain is that the league is not thinking about an expansion of the executives.

“We would have to see if it’s something that would make our league stronger,” replied Gary Bettman. In the case of Seattle and Vegas, for example, we can talk about two teams that have made our league stronger. »

The two leaders also displayed an air of optimism about the upcoming sale of the Ottawa Senators, without advancing a date in this file. “Such a transaction is more complicated than buying a car,” the commissioner quipped.

In addition, Gary Bettman answered a question from La Presse, about a possible authorization for the presence of Logan Mailloux in the NHL for the next season.

“The Canadiens asked for a meeting about it, and I told them it was going to take place at the end of the playoffs,” said the commissioner.

Gary Bettman also added that the league and the Players Association hope to be able to present a World Cup of Hockey in the near future. “Both sides agree that this is a priority,” he explained.

Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly said the independent investigation into the Hockey Canada sex scandal allegations is complete. He expects the NHL to review the file early this summer.

The league has begun its own investigative process after news emerged that Hockey Canada stifled a lawsuit by a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by eight young men after a gala for the Canadian junior team in London , in Ontario, in 2018. Several members of the team now play in the NHL.

“We have had discussions with the London police and we have kept in touch. We will be transparent about our process and what we understand of theirs. I think that’s the goal, Daly said. As for the sequel, I can’t predict anything. »