To Kim’s for her to make a comeback into the sea, with a Sascha Bajin? The renowned tennis coach broke after about six months of working with Kristina Mladenovic, to the despair of the French. Since the crack is in the Big-An, , linked to, among other things, Kim.

finally, Kim announced at the beginning of september for her comeback, seven years after the second time it was stopped. It was making a comeback, it will only come later, communicate, as they wish, there is also a wild card for the Australian Open, the first grand slam tournament of the season, as for the composition of their team. In any case, it will give them a call to be a coach, ” she said in her announcement. Carl Maes, who, in her past, has assisted as a coach, you can not take any day for free (he works at the Kim Clijsters Academy), and will only serve as a kind of mentor. Kim will work equally well for the man who has her body in the best to know, an osteopath, Sam Verslegers, her, hard, upon the team’s coach.

What is Bajin is a great name. The German-born Serb, was a decade of the weapon of Serena Williams. Bajin is her for hitting a partner. , he copied the playing style of your opponent in training, and has trained with Williams in the gym. It was one of the longest collaborations in the tennis world. Bajin was on the coach, Naomi Osaka, a former number one in the world.

Photo: BELGAIMAGE for More on Kim Clijsters, Kim Clijsters thanked her fans for the support during her recovery: “It’s emotional,” Andy Murray drew a big eye and when he was, Kim Clijsters looked to play tennis “If they are physically in order, it will be very good to do it,” this Will be the first national appearance of Kim Clijsters? Belgium, in Kortrijk, belgium against Kazakhstan in the framework of the Fed Cup, Australian Open, organization, confirms the arrival of Andy Murray, hoping to get Kim’s