Trade dispute and Corona-crisis – USA put dozens of Chinese companies on the Black List relationship between the United States and China remain tense. The Department of Commerce in Washington announced further comments
The Department of Commerce by Wilbur Ross (r.) announced that additional sanctions against China would adopt. Photo: Evan Vucci (Keystone)

The conflict between the United States and China is intensifying. The Commerce Department in Washington said on Friday, to put the 33 Chinese companies and other institutions on a Black list. The allegations are, among other things, human rights violations against the Uighur minority in China. As a result of transactions with the branded companies and facilities may only be made in exceptional cases.

The relations between the United States and China are strained due to various conflicts. In addition to the economic rivalry between the US government of China accuses significant failures in dealing with the Corona pandemic. Also, China’s Hong Kong policy is a source of tension.


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