In this film, the beginning is not true, from today’s perspective a lot. The blonde hair is thrown in the camera, as you would determine the action. The French manicure on treated nails, the back at some point. The image of the women, wrapped in towels, as measured by the steam in the bathroom, there is quite a lot of time spent to have to make themselves beautiful. In contrast, the image of the men outside play – really play, bare-chested in the front yard.

Jennifer Wiebking

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

It is “legally blonde” from 2001, which is quite a long time. The viewer is led to this gender stereotypes, Intro, in Elle Woods’ Palace for a student’s room. She wears in the Film, is about a woman studying to the Surprise of their environmental law, a lawyer, and is responsible for it, that another woman is banged up for murder, consistently pink lipstick. At least in this respect, this Film is still back on the amount of time.

women, not girls, but women earn their own money, their Partner on their weaknesses, point out, and at the wedding, not the name of her husband to accept women, therefore, have despised the Pink a while ago, wear it all the time again. You paint your walls Pink, for example, the Middleton Pink by Farrow & Ball is important in this respect, and the new Sulking Room Pink wall color brand, it could be soon. You wear in the Winter, pink scarves, often it is the Canada of Acne, and large earrings in Pink, which must be different than the wall color and the winter stuff was not expensive.

“Soft and flashy at the same time”

For the beauty industry, this is a good news. Because you are working with fewer colors than the fashion. Green, Yellow and dark blue have only very limited importance. “Soft and flashy at the same time,” says Nicolas Degennes, the artistic Director of Givenchy, this color, for the the German language provides two names, Pink and Pink, and takes the human eye in all sorts of shades true. “We can only see a couple of different shades of Red,” says the cosmetics expert. “In the case of gray, Blue and Green is different, and so it is with Pink.” Degennes advises the foggiest Pink present, a think of. And the most Extreme. In comparison, for Red is hardly so far in the direction of the light and dark, in the direction of soft and bright at the same time.

the Pink is so important. At Net-a-porter, the proportion of beauty products in Pink had risen in the past year by 25 percent, says Newby Hands, the guides for the company in the area of beauty. Among the best-sellers Charlotte Tilburys find lipstick in Pillow Talk, Tom Ford lipstick Carine. “Rouge in Pink sold better and better, 20 percent more than last year,” says Newby Hands. Also, the Beauty expert takes Pink now modern true. “When I look around me in my bathroom, to see all the products in Black and White, however, on an industrial scale.”And: “There’s nothing wrong with that, if it is used in cosmetics to just take pretty.”

Because clearly, Pink is pretty. And ugly at the same time. In the New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, an exhibition that explores the Paradox of this color, “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Colour”, the title of the exhibition, the exhibits from the 18th century. Century till the Gucci’s of today, under Alessandro Michele, describes it quite well. It would not have needed the Alliteration.

This Pink is now so present that you can ask yourself if it is the new Red of the beauty industry. Or the Beige of fashion? Pink is worn like a neutral color, it is the opposite. It is probably the most difficult of all colors, and in this respect, it would be good on the one hand, they would disappear. Pink is an unfair color, in the United States, we do not speak in vain of pink tax, a kind of woman ease-of-use tax on beauty products for women are more expensive than comparable for men. Pink puts women in a girlish corner, into the bathroom, and in the doll’s house instead of on the football field. Pink manifested role pattern.