Police violence in South Africa, Black people are humiliated and beaten by the police today is black, it is hardly any different than Apartheid times. The victims are the same: poor Black.Bernd Dörries0 KommentareVon police officers slain, because he was in his garden, a beer drank: Collins Khosa. Photo: Nardus Engelbrecht/AP

Collins Khosa is something like the George Floyd of South Africa, an innocent victim of brutal violence of the security forces, the Symbol of a state power, the fall is much more Black than White victims. Khosa drank on 10. April of this year, in the yard of his house in Johannesburg, a beer, as the soldiers entered, which had the task to control the strict Lockdown in South Africa, the ban on the sale and public consumption of alcohol. To could home to drink though, so it should have Khosa, the soldiers said. The poured him a beer over the head and beat him with the butt of your guns, a little later Khosa was dead.

The hard Lockdown of the country should save according to the request of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa of “life”. At least eleven people, but should be by the violence of the army and the police died. In the social networks, you can see the pictures, where Black people are forced pushups, or with the leather whip to be beaten.

Rather counter-violence in the USA

There are pictures, one of which, it was thought that they could shake up the country, as the images of the death of George Floyd’s America and changed over time. demonstrate Nothing happened but. “The General reaction to the death of Collins Khosa is a national disgrace,” commented the “Daily Maverick”. This day will not be demonstrated in front of the diplomatic missions of the USA in South Africa, but in front of the police stations in the country. Perhaps also, because it is easier to protest against injustice in the United States, where there are black victims and white perpetrators.

In South Africa, it is the bitter truth that the police and army are a quarter of a century after the end of Apartheid, the majority Black and Coloured, but the brutal approach, often little has changed. Although the South African Police was added to the word Service, for many, especially poorer South Africans, the police is still the enemy rather than the friend and helper.

Finally, you can come down hard in the Townships and settlements of the Poor.

Since eight years ago, a complaint for police violence and abuse of power was, there are 40’000 complaints received established. Many citizens do not believe, however, that such entries bring something. The investigation report on the death of Collins Khosa language, all of the parties Involved; it was never spoken with his wife, who had to witness the death of her husband. Similar to many of the other survivors.

Some believe, therefore, that many Managers in the police are quite happy about the Corona, because now you can do what you want to do for a long time: hard in the Townships and settlements of the Poor, in which the police trusted it is often only in a military Formation in. Now the army is on patrol again, in almost three months the police have detained about 240’000 people to violate the rules of the Lockdown. No arrests were, however, with the rich officials of the ruling party, the ANC, their corruption is proven since years. They have created a police force that preserves the Status quo and, above all, the arrested are the poor and mostly black.

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