If on 10. December is awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2018, they will thank this year’s award, Nadia Murad, and Dr. Denis Mukwege-makers, once again to moving. With tears in the eyes, as in December 2015, when the young Iraqi Jesidin in front of the UN security Council from the genocide of their people by the terrorist militia IS, by her own kidnapping in August 2014, and the Survival as a sex slave.

In the case of every appearance as an activist, whether in front of the American Congress, the canadian Parliament or in radio broadcasts, encouraged to Nadia Murad, your Trauma for all of us again and again through life. To talk about their family, whose numerous members are dead or missing. And about the time in the refugee camp, which she describes as hell, prior to your treatment in Germany. The twenty-five year old speaks softly and behavior. Your report is clear, factual, direct, and shocking. And politically inconsequential?

The Congolese gynecologist Dr. Denis Mukwege, who received the 2013 the Alternative Nobel prize, and winner of the Sakharov prize, the son of a popular Pastor, is doing since years the same. If he’s not operating under the UN blue helmet protection the most horrific mutilations, he speaks around the world about the atrocities of the Hutu and Tutsi rebels and government troops in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which are perpetrated against girls and women. Mukwege is the rape expert on the treatment of injuries by group. Both, Nadia Murad, such as Denis Mukwege, have earned the honor by the Nobel Committee – and the associated funds for their campaigns.

but What is the Central question, will be provided by the Nobel peace prize actually extra world of public attention, and, above all, in direct support of the (world-)politics of the fight against rape as a destruction of resources and war strategy? Both have presented moving books that trace the story of your life, and the motives, describe the basis of your commitment.