Column by Milo Rau – Stay paranoid!Why the conspiracy theories is a piece of truth in it. MeinungMilo Rau0 comment unlicensed Demonstration against the Corona-measures on the Federal square in Bern.Photo: Manuel Zingg

Last week I led with the cultural studies scholar Bénédicte Savoy a Online debate to life after Corona. Savoy made me an interesting fact: conspiracy theories, like the “Impfdiktatur” would be represented, especially by those who are not affected by the disease. The a lights up immediately. That there is not a deadly disease “” and elitist Gehimzirkeln was “invented”, it can only claim, one who is spared.

Germany, which has worldwide mastered Corona with the best, so to have consistently the most Anti-way-Hygiene-Demos. In the United States and in Brazil, however, where the conspiracy theorists are even in Power, resulted in over a hundred thousand Dead, that nobody doubts the “reality” of the disease.

Still, the theories in this conspiracy, I claim, a truth-core. As it is not in the well-known joke: Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they are behind you. Or Corona: The same mega-corporations fly their genetically modified food non-stop around the world, will be looking to sell soon, the cure for the latest pandemic a result of this reckless globalization. But why they have not developed the Corona itself. Responsibility in the felt and in the legal sense are not the Same.

makes criticism and social envy live close to each other”

Milo Rau

Thus, the Central question of “Who benefits?” is not irrelevant. Or better: What is inhumane structures make the same deadly Profit-circuits possible? And here’s the one that should be taken if all the superficial stupidity of the conspiracy theories inherent desire for social justice seriously. To have something in indignation put, is the prerequisite for any Form of commitment, and thus the change.

But, above all, caution is of course warranted. Make criticism and social envy living, as you know, close to each other. Perceived truths that have the peculiarity to be fast, inaccurate, and behind the lofty cliff of indignation the polluted valley of the resentment lies. Conspiracy theories are said, simple, to the waste pit of the dedicated thinking. Here, judgment and prejudice, justified, proper and deliberate misunderstanding mix.

during the plague in the 14th century. Century raged, the population quickly realized that the rapid spread of the disease had to do with the poor Hygiene and the borderless trade. But it was not Jewish “well-poisoner” who bore the blame. But the Christian elite, where the health of the masses was not matter – and were, of course, in the case of the Jew baiting, most loudly in the process.

you Stay so please be paranoid. Revolt. But watch very carefully who is behind them. Because in case of doubt, you are yourself.

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