children under the age of 15 in Frankfurt from January to free admission to the municipal swimming pools. The has announced the coalition in the Romans from the CDU, the SPD and the Greens yesterday as a result of a two-day retreat. In addition, will be introduced in the course of the next year, a cultural and leisure card, which will allow all children and young people free admission to the Zoo and not municipal museums such as the Städel art Museum and the Senckenberg Museum. The card would be offered to families with a net income of a maximum of 4500 Euro in the month, said mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD). So 80 percent of the Frankfurter and thus “aware of the middle class” benefit from the new offer, added the mayor and city Treasurer Uwe Becker (CDU). The entrance in civic museums for under-eighteen-year-old in Frankfurt already.

Ralf Euler

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the Rhine-Main-part of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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The other services that the municipality leave around ten million euros in annual costs, said Becker. This order of magnitude is in spite of the difficult financial situation of the town – for next year, Becker is expecting a deficit in the hundreds of millions – to make and to take responsibility for it. “This is the cornucopia, no Operation, but the Operation: Frankfurt, securing the future.” The bottom line is, the coalition to strengthen social cohesion in a growing city, said Feldmann.

Municipal hazard prevention

The Lord mayor also promised a new plan for affordable housing. The rental stop for around 52,000 homes, the municipal housing company ABG – Rents are allowed to rise up to 2021, only one percent a year – would be extended to 2026. With the step of the 100,000 to 150,000 tenants benefited, wanted, the city is a character and the country’s own housing companies nassauische heimstätte and GWH animate, “to pull”. In addition, agreement has been reached, the coalition aims to increase the share of subsidised dwellings in new buildings, the ABG on the “about 40 percent”. 7.5 million euros more per year to the city, to prevent the purchase of apartments in sought-after locations for luxury renovations.