warnings of how dangerous the unimaginable data in the hands of individual companies mountains can be, there are many. Monitoring, misuse, and Manipulation of people are skeptics the to often hear the fears of the Internet. That such a cry of warning from one of the most powerful business leaders in the world, comes from the digital industry itself, is extraordinary. The more it is worth to listen, when Apple’s CEO Tim Cook strikes such sounds.

John Pennekamp

editor responsible for economic reporting, responsible for “The Lounge”.

F. A. Z.

Roland Lindner

economic correspondent in New York.

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He was concerned that a proliferation of data could adversely affect collection on the Internet, the freedom of expression. “Imagine the following scenario: Everything what people say or think is sent, analyzed, and stored,” said Cook in an Interview with the German news magazine “Focus”. “Would stop the people from fear of consequences, to say your opinion?”

Cook reveals not only the freedom of expression is concerned. If data were misused, the Apple chief even peaceful coexistence at risk. Countries such as the United States or Germany were so strong that no one could add from the outside, existential damage. “What Worries me is that it comes with a treasure chest full of data is possible to manipulate people in a way that you go sometime to each other,” said the successor of the legendary Apple chief Steve Jobs.