Bob, the stray dog – The most famous street in the world cat is dead was a friendship that touched millions of people. Now, the street cat Bob died at the age of 14 years.0 comment cat Bob at the Premiere of the Film “A Street Cat Named Bob”.Photo: Keystone

It is a friendship that has touched millions of people. Now, the street cat Bob died, like its owner, James Bowen announced. The Ex-drug addict and street musician from London owed the cat according to their own statements of his life. Bob had him “given direction and meaning,” says Bowen.

A book about this extraordinary friendship (“the sheltering sky”) had become a best-seller and was even made into a movie. Further books followed. A total of eight million books have been sold in 40 different languages on Bob.

According to the publisher Hodder and Stoughton, the red tabby cat died on Monday. With over 14 years of age, he had already achieved a stately cats age.

“I have the feeling that the light was quoted in my life is assumed to be”, in Bowen on the website of the industry magazine “Bookseller”. There has never been a cat like Bob, and it will never be again such. The common success to him seemed like a miracle. With book signings and traveling around the world, Bob had led an “incredible life,” said the publisher.


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