Oud-Heverlee –

Some of the kayakers have, during the past weekend, the true heroes will be shown, and when they needed to reason that the Father was so into Oud-Heverlee. The entire rescue operation was filmed by Philip Claeys, a day later on Youtube by the kajakker Tom Brown.

The two came out of the plastic, as they last Saturday with a group of kayaking were available. The calf was all the way along the shore, hiding among the tall grass. Then stepped up to the kayaker, very happily, dressed in a special waterproof suits out of their boat and went to the free-roaming off. One of them was for the animal to lift up the animal’s arms, and the nearly two-meter-high river bank in. Then, a second kajakker came to their aid, they were given the animal at the top.

The calf was obviously already in the water, and was suffering from hypothermia. The kayakers remained in the ground until after a little while, to rest, to back, got up, and went for a drink with his mother. Then, they set up their journey again.