TESTIMONY. “At 90, I finally assume my white hair”


In a few months, Lucienne, a retired, happy mother of 4 children (and grandmother of 15 grandchildren and great-grandchildren) will be 90 years old. But her alabaster-colored mane, it’s only been a few months that she assumes it, finally, after years of using and abusing the dye. “My hair was very black when I was young. I got into the habit, as I got older, of dyeing them when the first white hairs appeared”, she confides to us.

Once a month, Lucienne honored her appointment with the hairdresser without fail. “Especially since my hair is cut very short: I therefore have to maintain my haircut very regularly!”, continues the grandmother

Keeping all the intensity of her natural color was also, for the octogenarian, a way to remain flirtatious, and on the page. “I still felt young in my head, so in the end, it suited me well to stay that way in my hair too!” laughs Lucienne.

But everything changed two years ago, at the time of the first confinement. In March 2020, Lucienne learns that she will have to stay at home, cloistered, for several weeks. The old lady, who has been a widow for 12 years, is initially afraid of suffering from loneliness. “Besides, it was the most difficult during this period, not knowing when I could see my children and my grandchildren again”, continues the grandmother.

And then, as the days go by, Lucienne also has to face another reality: goodbye appointments at the hairdresser. For the first time in years, white hair begins to pierce among the ebony hair of the octogenarian. “I had a really hard time looking at myself in the mirror at first. Especially since at the beginning, it wasn’t pretty: at the level of the roots, the color wasn’t terrible, a kind of red…it wasn’t uniform”, complains Lucienne, before adding: “J I was afraid my husband wouldn’t recognize me when I joined him up there!”

In May, when she left confinement, she received her children again, who discovered her new face. “They all told me that in the end, it didn’t suit me so badly, that assuming your white hair was very modern and that I had better wait before making an appointment with the hairdresser”, explains the old lady.

So Lucienne waits: and her hair ends up becoming uniform, shimmering white. “My hair has even become softer!” she exclaims.

Her children and grandchildren shower her with compliments. Lucienne gets used to the idea and accepts her new appearance more and more. Today, she is even proud of it, no offense to diktats. “Everyone tells me that it suits me very well, that I look better and some have even told me that it makes me look younger! In addition, I save time and money”, thunders the grandmother.

But be careful, Lucienne always keeps her monthly appointment with a pair of professional scissors for an impeccable cut. “We must not let go, however!”, concludes the octogenarian.