Salary, controversy and sexual affairs: the secrets of host Jean-Marc Morandini


The announcement has just fallen. Host Jean-Marc Morandini, tried by the Paris Criminal Court for “corruption of minors over the age of 15”, was found guilty and sentenced today to a one-year suspended prison sentence. two-year probation. According to the statements of the investigating judge, quoted by AFP, “Mr. Morandini is guilty of all the facts with which he is charged”.

From this statement relayed by our colleagues such as BFMTV and Le Parisien, the TV and radio presenter is subject to “an obligation of care” so that he understands his “transgressive acts”, without “real questioning” of his behavior. If the 57-year-old was absent during the verdict, his lawyers said he would “likely appeal this decision” to the court.

A conviction that could taint his future on television? According to the Puremedias site, the host of Morandini Live would not be worried. The management of CNews, a channel where Jean-Marc Morandini officiates, announced to our colleagues that he would be kept on the air, emphasizing the presumption of innocence. “Jean-Marc Morandini has appealed. The presumption of innocence applies. Jean-Marc Morandini continues to present his show on CNews”. The same goes for the host’s site, relaying the same terms in its official press release. Back to the case.

The scandal erupted in 2016. That year, the host of NRJ12 was indicted after two young people filed complaints against him. The two alleged victims recounted events that occurred in 2009 and 2013. At that time, one of the young people, aged 15, would have received sexual proposals by messages from the star between February and March 2013. The second young, would have, meanwhile, met the host in 2009 during a casting at the latter’s home for a naughty film project. The host would have asked him to undress and masturbate, reports the Parisian. Faced with these accusations, Jean-Marc Morandini said he could not know that the first young man was a minor and denied the facts alleged by the second complainant who has since withdrawn from the case.

On April 3, the Paris prosecutor’s office requested his referral to correctional for “corruption of a minor over the age of 15.” The investigating judge resumed the prosecution’s requisitions, unfortunately without much suspense. Mr. Morandini disputes from the beginning the facts of which he is accused. There were two complainants, one withdrew his complaint. We had made a request for deeds, because there was a selection of messages only in the file, and not all of them. This request was refused by the investigating judge at the same time as he sent the case back,” said Me Corinne Dreyfus-Schmidt, Jean-Marc Morandini’s lawyer.

Nearly four years after the opening of an investigation, Jean-Marc Morandini, who continues to deny the facts, should be tried by the Paris Criminal Court for “corruption of a minor” and “corruption of a minor by person put in contact with the victim through an electronic communications network.

In the 2000s, Jean-Marc Morandini launched his website before becoming in 2005, then In April 2017, the host created controversy by announcing that he would give the results of the presidential election at 6 p.m., two hours before the legal broadcast time. The star will finally give up revealing the results so as not to interfere with the votes.

The host’s site quickly became the target of numerous criticisms. Some felt that the blog plagiarized without citing sources or that comments against the star were quickly deleted on the platform. “Bloggers can attack us, but if it’s like ‘the site sucks’, we allow ourselves to withdraw the comment. We don’t force anyone to come and consult our pages,” said Kévin Vatant, an assistant to Jean -Marc Morandini in charge of the blog in 2007.

The host Samuel Étienne was the guest of Jean-Marc Morandini at the microphone of Europe 1 in February 2016. On this occasion, the star of NRJ12 had mentioned the salary of the new presenter of Questions for a champion: “I am not very jargon. But, on that, I’m going to be completely: I don’t talk about money, and I’m not going to do it with you. I’m going to disappoint you. I can tell you that I’m not winning 40,000 euros per month (…) I am sure that if I ask you, there, Jean-Marc, you do not necessarily give me your salary”, explained Samuel Étienne.

Against all odds, Jean-Marc Morandini did not hesitate to reveal his salary: “I do radio and TV and I say that my two salaries combined, that’s 19,000 euros”, he said.