If the eighth wave is coming to an end, winter and the relaxation of barrier gestures could form an explosive cocktail favoring the arrival of a new resurgence of the virus. According to data from the National Public Health Agency, more than 27,000 new infections were recorded on November 13, 2022. As of November 9, the organization has recorded more than 3,500 hospitalizations and 321 critical care admissions over the seven days, as well as 356 hospital deaths.

Every ten minutes, a person dies from Covid-19 in France. This is the sad assessment drawn up by François Braun, Minister of Health and Prevention, in an interview granted to our colleagues from Parisian. A very uneven figure according to the departments: in places, the mortality linked to the virus is much higher than elsewhere.

In our slideshow below, discover the 38 departments whose evolution of hospital deaths following a Covid-19 infection has exploded in recent days. The information provided is based on the departments where this figure is greater than 40% according to Public Health France.

If the health situation seems to have improved in recent weeks, a resurgence of the epidemic cannot be ruled out. “Sooner or later, a new wave could arrive,” warns the emergency doctor, also expressing his dissatisfaction with the fall vaccination campaign. “With only 10% vaccinated, we are very far from the target to be reached,” he lamented.