There are still the people who make the new year’s eve plans, where the market value is to be settled. No trip to New York? No champagne with a view on the Eiffel tower? Not even a theme party? Och. While millions of teenagers grieve that you are not, or are at the wrong new year’s eve invited to the party, stripped of the Clever new year’s eve of high expectations and makes, according to him.

by Eva-Maria Magel

culture editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

While an early-go to sleep – all the breath you need for the next 365 days, it attracts an enormous number of people on new year’s eve in the cinema. Although many program have closed cinemas on new year’s eve, the other but know what you want the audience: the special, the last day of the year, well end, without Stress, but with a claim. So, it is worth the cinema programs to crawl: starts Early in the evening, for example, the Frankfurt cinema Metropolis and joins the ranks of cinema, live from Berlin, the new year’s eve concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker transferred. To 17 PM, Daniel Barenboim is not only on the console, he also plays Mozart’s piano Concerto 26 in D major, KV 537, and if at the end of Ravel’s “Bolero” sounds, missing only the glass of champagne.

“Climax” in the movie theater chair

you can get in the German film Museum in Frankfurt before the performance in the Bar. There, the “new year’s eve movie has a” good Tradition: this Time, the film Museum shows at 21.30 PM the Comedy classic, “One, Two, Three” by Billy Wilder from 1961 in the English-language original version on 35 mm. Who wants to hear Liselotte powder in the dots dress laughing, must hurry up and buy.